How to Craft a Well-Crafted Board Meeting Reminder

A well-designed reminder for board meetings is a helpful instrument that can enhance participants’ preparedness and boost productivity and efficiency of scheduled engagements. Reminders should be timely and clearly convey essential information about the meeting such as the title date, time, venue or virtual platform, and agenda. They should also include an action message to prompt attendees to confirm attendance or contact them to any questions or concerns. A friendly tone and use of a professional meeting reminder template also foster accountability of participants and reduce the chances of oversights.

Start your email reminder with an introduction that briefly reminds recipients of the reason for the meeting. This will make them feel appreciated and ensure that they don’t miss the meeting due to overlooking the importance. Make sure to keep your subject line brief and concise, as a truncation will limit the amount of information that you can communicate.

Sending reminders regularly before the meeting will ensure that the participants do not forget or miss anything. A first reminder one week before the meeting is a good time to begin and then follow up on the day of the meeting. It is also possible to consider sending a final reminder on the morning of the meeting, especially for important sessions. A board meeting template that automates the process can help simplify this and ensure everyone is aware of the upcoming meeting no matter the time of day.

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